Our Staff

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Berkeley Dog & Cat | California Veterinary Hospital | Staff

Many of the staff are specialized and aligned with specific veterinarians and departments, such as surgery, internal medicine, neurology, and dermatology. Our highly trained staff members are on the cutting edge of modern veterinary medicine and further enhance the quality of care we offer every pet. We're proud of their competence, sincerity, and gentleness.

Leadership Contact Information

Cari Darmer
Personnel Manager
Direct Line: 510.225.4549

Diana DeBone
Business Manager
Direct Line: 510.225.4546

Katie Corrigan, RVT
Public Relations Manager
Phone Line: 510.848.5041

Lakeisha Maldonado
Front Desk Supervisor
Phone Line: 510.848.5041

Sindy Hatch, RVT
Technician Supervisor
Phone Line: 510.848.5041

Natasha Fields
Technician Supervisor
Phone Line: 510.848.5041



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