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24 Hour Animal Hospital in California | Berkeley Dog & Cat

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State of the art advanced monitoring equipment is the standard of care for anesthetic procedures. Our dental department in the process of starting a root canal procedure. Pre & Post digital dental x-rays performed on all dental cases. Endoscopy, which could be used as a less invasive alternative to surgery and to diagnose internal medical conditions. Ultrasound has many uses, from ruling out diseases to helping our support staff identify the bladder to obtain a urine specimen.
Our full service outpatient pharmacy is available for all our patience, 24 hours a day. Our friendly Client Service Representatives are here to help coordinate your pets care. Our Doctor and Technician are hard at work treating a patient with an injury. A technician providing nursing care. Administrative team
Doctor completing a physical on a small hospitalized patient. Our diagnostic and lab equipment gives doctors quick results so they have an accurate diagnosis and can begin treatments immediately. Our boarding has a full service bathing facility with professional equipment. One of three surgical suites comparable to a human surgical setting.
All of our digital x-rays are reviewed by a board certified veterinary radiologist. One of two spacious treatment areas utilized for patient care. Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital has the only CT Scan available for animals in Berkeley. Detailed CT images help diagnose conditions and formulate treatment plans.
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