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Animal Emergency Clinic & Hospital | Berkeley Dog & Cat

Our emergency services are staffed by experienced clinicians with special interest in critical care, and the facility is well suited to care of all types of emergencies. SVS's state-of-the-art critical care equipment greatly enhances our veterinarians' ability to rapidly diagnose ailments and administer life-saving and discomfort-relieving therapy.

Is it an emergency?

If your pet has any of these symptoms, bring it in IMMEDIATELY.

Symptoms:Combined With:Special Instructions:
Difficulty breathingNoisy respiration, blue tongue, gasping for breath 
Nonstop bleedingBleeding from any part of the bodyApply pressure and come in right away
Inability to urinate or constipationContinues to trying without any production 
Inability to deliver puppies or kittensKeeps trying or has stopped trying 
PainSevere, continuous with no relief 
Vomiting, diarrheaContinuous or with the appearance of blood 
Loss of balance or consciousnessTremors, coma, staggering, blindness, fainting 
ItchingContinuous scratching, biting, self-mutilation 
InjuryContinuous pain and/or total lameness 
Penetrating wounds Chest or abdomen wounds are especially serious
Poisoning Bring the container or commercial name and chemical name
Hit by car  
Any other sign that looks serious!  

If your pet has any of these symptoms, bring it in TODAY

Symptoms:Combined With:Special Instructions:
Difficulty breathingWith or without cough, eats and drinks, not frantic 
Vomiting, diarrheaWithout blood, pain, unusual content 
Sudden lamenessNo apparent cause 
Severe itchingWith possible self-mutilation 
Strange odorUsually disagreeable, from any part of the body 
Chemical or heat burnsHeat, chemicals. Go immediately if extensive 
Swallowed object Bring in even if only you think pet swallowed an object
Injuries May not be a severe emergency, but will worsen with delay

If your pet has any of these symptoms, it is safe to wait OVERNIGHT

Symptoms:Combined With:Special Instructions:
Vomiting, diarrheaNot continuous, no blood, foreign material, or pain, 
ItchingMild to moderate, no skin damage, not continuous, no bleeding 
LamenessLittle or no pain, no discomfort in walking, not continuous 
Thirst, urinationExcessive drinking and/or elimination of urine with no blood, pain, straining, apparent discomfort, or bloody appearance to the urine 
Loss of appetiteNo other signs of illnessOne skipped main meal okay
Most skin problems  


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