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California Pet Doctors | Special Veterinary Services

Special Veterinary Services is a dedicated group of specialists. SVS assists the Bay Area's veterinary community by providing technically advanced, specialized emergency veterinary medical care in a timely and compassionate manner.


Dr. David Detweiler
Veterinary Degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary School: Kansas State University
Internship: Small animal medical and surgical, Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group, Ventura, CA
Residency: University of California, Davis
Board Certification: Diplomate American College of Veterinary Radiology
Medical Special Interests: Radiographs and Ultrasound
Personal Interests and Bio: In his free time, Dr. Detweiler enjoys jogging, cycling, and working on older cars.

Pets and Family Info: Dr. Detweiler lives in Davis, California, with his wife, four children, and Simon the cat....Read More >
Dr. George Doering, Dermatology
Veterinary Degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary School: University of Illinois
Board Certification: Dermatology
Graduate School: Purdue University
Medical Special Interests: Allergy cases, autoimmune diseases and demodectic mange
Personal Interests and Bio:Dr. Doering was raised near Peoria, Illinois, where his family owned a small farm. There he developed a fondness for animals and chose veterinary medicine at the University of Illinois. After two and half years in private practice, he returned to graduate work (MS) at Purdue University in Indiana. He served as a faculty dermatologist at Auburn University and the University of Missouri, where he became certified in dermatology. After a stint in nutrition research, he moved to the Bay Area in 1988, owning his own dermatology practice. He has been a dermatologist at Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital and Special Veterinary Services since 2001. Dr. Doering especially likes working with allergy cases, autoimmune diseases, and demodectic mange.

Pets and Family Info: His hobbies include spending time with his wife and family, international traveling, and golf. He plans to retire in two years, but he has said "two years" since 2004. His pets are Mickey, a male sheltie, and Kobe, a male black cat.
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Dr. Mark Matteucci, Radiology
Veterinary Degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary School: University of California
Residency: North Carolina State University
Board Certification: Diplomate American College of Veterinary Radiology
Medical Special Interests: Intervention radiology and cross sectional imaging, including ultrasound and computed tomography
Personal Interests and Bio:When away from the hospital, Dr. Matteucci enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, and cooking.
Dr. Rob Yelland, Dentistry
Veterinary Degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary School: University of California, Davis
Medical Special Interests: Dentistry, Internal medicine and surgery
Personal Interests and Bio:After graduation from veterinary school at the University of California, Davis, Dr. Yelland moved to the Bay Area where he has lived for the last 41 years. For much of that time, he owned and managed his own veterinary hospital in San Leandro. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Yelland developed his special interest in veterinary dentistry. He has been active in the American Veterinary Dental Society, including serving on its Board of Directors. His dental skills were honed through participation in an eight-year mentor-based dental residency program, operating his own dental referral practice, working with human dentists, and through regular continuing education. He is active as a dental practice consultant in the Bay Area and is a dental consultant with the Oakland Zoo. Dr. Yelland's website is

Pets and Family Info: Dr. Yelland met his wife, Gail, while they were both students at UC Davis. They recently celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary. In April 2010, their daughter, Cara and her husband, Brian, presented them with a grandson, Miles McCrea. His hobbies include photography, cycling, and travel. The Yellands share their home with two dogs, Madra and Oski, and a cat, Abby.
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Dr. Ken Harkewicz
Veterinary Degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary School: School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Philadelphia
Externship: Wildlife Medicine, Queensland, Australia
Graduate School: Ohio State University
Medical Special Interests: Exotic Animals
Personal Interests and Bio:Dr. Harkewicz received a degree in animal sciences from the Pennsylvania State University before doing graduate work in animal nutrition at Ohio State University. He received his VMD degree from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Philadelphia in 1981. After graduating veterinary school, he did a 20-month post-doctorate externship in wildlife medicine in Queensland, Australia, working with small marsupial populations and reptiles and amphibians. After marrying his wife Florence, he moved to the Bay Area in 1985. He has worked as an exotic animal veterinarian ever since. Dr. Harkewicz have been with the Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital since June 1997. In addition to working on non-domestic species (85% of total patient load) at Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital, he is also president-elect (2010-20110) of the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians ( and is a consultant to the Veterinary Information Network ( for reptiles and amphibian medicine, care, and surgery. VIN is a collection of over 45,000 veterinarians worldwide. Dr. Harkewicz also gives lectures on reptile and amphibians at the University of California, Davis, as well as local and nationwide reptile clubs and associations. He has had multiple papers and book chapters published on the same subjects.

Pets and Family Info: Dr. Harkewicz lives with his wife in Crockett, California. Their "kids" include a French Bulldog, Jean-Luc; a Chinese Crested X Pug cross, Lil' Pea; four cats; three parrots; 24 exotic tortoises; and some 200 plus assorted reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate pets. His personal hobbies include (when he has the time) gardening, gourmet cooking, science fiction reading, and animals in general.
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Dr. Amy Lightstone
Dr. Amy Lightstone
Veterinary Degree: Bachelor of Veterinary Science
Veterinary School: Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Internship: Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center, Richmond, VA
Medical Special Interests: Emergency, Critical care, Surgery, Imaging, and Pathology
Personal Interests and Bio: Dr. Lightstone was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She attended the University of California Santa Cruz as an undergraduate earning a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Environmental Science. After living abroad in Australia and backpacking around New Zealand, she decided to attend veterinary school at Massey University in New Zealand. After graduation, Dr. Lightstone completed a year-long internship focused on emergency and critical care. She also volunteered regularly at the Richmond SPCA to help with spay/neuter programs. In her free time, Amy loves most outdoor activities be it snowboarding, biking, swimming, or hiking. She also enjoys good food, wine, traveling, music and movie watching.

Pets and Family Info: Dr. Lightstone has family scattered around the country, but many of her extended family are here around the bay area. She currently shares her home with an energetic orange cat named Monkey.
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Dr. Christina Marion
Dr. Christina Marion
Veterinary Degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary School: University of California, Davis
Internship: Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego
Medical Special Interests: Emergency medicine
Personal Interests and Bio: Dr. Marion grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, although she was born abroad in Chile and lived for several years in Indonesia as a child. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley and from there went up to Davis to complete veterinary school. During veterinary school, she thoroughly enjoyed research and worked closely with a laboratory that investigated heart disease and clotting disorders in cats. She was also greatly involved in the student emergency & critical care club as well as helping to found the pain management club. After graduation, she moved away from her husband for a year to complete further training at a rotating internship at Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Diego. As an emergency clinician, she loves being able to provide relief and care for people and their animals in a time of need and stress....Read More >
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Dr. Matthew Blanchong DVM MS
Veterinary Degree:
Veterinary School:
Medical Special Interests: Emergency Medicine
Personal Interests and Bio:Coming Soon!.Read More >


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